Torino Magica


Enrichetta Naum

6 mins 2 weeks


The Royal Palace

4 mins 1 mth


Alchemical caves

8 mins 4 weeks


The Mole Antonelliana

5 mins 1 mth

Torino STorica

Church of San Lorenzo

5 mins 2 mths

Tobacco Factory

6 mins 1 mth

Palazzo Madama

6 mins 2 mths

Basilica of Superga

6 mins 2 mths

Angoli Torino is a website dedicated to showcasing the best of Turin. Exploring its various sections, you can discover fascinating aspects of the city:

  1. Historical Turin: Here, you’ll find information about historical palacesstreetschurches, and gardens in Turin.
  2. Magical Turin: This section is divided into White and Black. The White part delves into mystery, magic, and esotericism, while the Black part explores more enigmatic aspects.
  3. Curious Turin: It collects curiosities about the city, offering an intriguing look at lesser-known details.
  4. Turin’s Figures: Here, you’ll find key figures from the Savoy Dynasty and other important individuals who shaped Turin’s history.

This website is for everyone, from tourists to locals. It serves as a valuable resource for:

  • Tourists: They can discover what to visit and choose based on their preferences.
  • Locals: They’ll uncover hidden corners of Turin, lesser-known legends, and traditions.
  • Schools and Students: Inspiration for educational visits, class trips, and research about the city.
  • Historians and Art Scholars: Opportunities to delve into new details and research topics.
  • Believers: Information about churches, miracles, saints, and events related to White Turin, as well as esoteric and Masonic aspects associated with Black Turin.

Angoli Torino is frequently updated with fresh content, ensuring a continuous stream of interesting information.